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Welcome to this month’s Stampin’ Creative Blog Hop and whether you have hopped over from the lovely Sarah or started the hop here – welcome! The theme is ‘Cool for Kits’ and I know you’ll be in for seeing some great ideas.

Today I am sharing some tiny treat boxes. These are small clear boxes (x16 per pack) which are just perfect for little treats and gifts. I have made 10 of these in all the different colours from the Bright colour family in preparation for my son’s birthday party in August.


I have made them all the same, however flower accents on the boxes for the girls and punched out stars for boys……..


………and in addition to these little boxes, I could resist making matching cards to have ready to send out his thank you letters to friends and family.


This is a little video of how the boxes go together and how I have decorated, I have only made a few videos so far (with big gaps of time in between). Finally I am much happier with the angle of the camera but still lots of ‘ums’ going on!!

Hoping to post more videos soon, so any feedback is very welcome. My 6 year old is cheering me on and is keeping a very close eye on my subscriber count and views – he said today I sound like a real you tuber! I’ll take that and I’m running with it, so the video has been posted um’s an all :)


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  3. Fabulous little treat boxes Emma. I feel sure that I’ll be reproducing these in one way or another at some point and I’m loving your choice of Stamp Set to coordinate. Hoping the Birthday celebrations go smoothly and are lots of fun! x

  4. Thanks Mikaela! I also can feel some Christmas versions of these coming on too x

  5. Great little gift ideas – love hearts yum! The stamp set is fabulous too! Well done on your video – keep it going!

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