Easter Eggs with Washi Tape

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Well what beautiful weather it has been today, a great opportunity for taking some photos of my most recent makes.

This tree normally sits in my lounge bay window ( & not the garden…)  It was originally brought for Christmas (for little fairy lights and some special baubles) however I always had the intentions of making it a seasonal tree – so I have recently been thinking of all things easter-y which I could put on it and this is what I have come up with.

Photo of tree and blank egg-001

I had some polystyrene eggs left over from a Christmas pine cone project, but I ‘may’ have bought too many…but at least now they have been put to good use. The washi tape has been placed on the egg in little strips rather than wrapped round in circles, either way will work, however working with the little strips will give you less creases and a smoother finish.

Watermark Portrait 4x6-001


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